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Rappers With The Same Baby Mama

4 months ago

Rappers With The Same Baby Mama Click here to subscribe: Making it in the rap game means you have way more options in the dating game, but somehow rappers still end up with the same baby mamas. And today we’re breaking down the biggest and most surprising artists who had kids with the same woman. Check out these videos too: Rappers Who Fell Off Rappers With Most Baby Mamas Rappers Who Don't Live What They Rap About.. Is Tupac Alive Rappers Who Quit Rap Rap Lyrics With Hidden Meanings Most Expensive Jewelry Owned By Rappers Rapper’s Biggest Deals 15 Rappers Who Are Related Rappers Who Lied About Their Past This video is about Rappers That Share The Same Baby Mama. We also post stuff like stupidest purchases made by rappers, rappers you didn't know went broke, crazy hip hop mansions, rappers who are richer than you think, and more so be sure to subscribe if you like these style of videos. Thank you!

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